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132nd Entry RAF Halton
Pictures 1

Some pictures of us when we were young !

Full size pic gallery

132nd Entry just before passout

full size pic gallery

132/6 during week one

Nijmegen team

The Nijmegen team

Les Dawson in workshops

Les Dawson and Friends in Workshops

The Gong Team !

The Gong Team ! Trying to keep straight faces ?

132/3 celebrating victory  Photo - M Wain

132/3 Celebrating Victory. Pete Grinsted with his hands on the booze, John Callaghan with the dosh in his fist! Steve Butler with an armful of Tubes. Martin Almond ? No change there then.

Some of the Bikers. Way up North.

Some of the Bikers way up North. Firm evidence for the travel claim.

Spuds away

The Spud Projectile Challenge.

If you have any pictures, send them over. We are quite happy to embarras anyone !