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132nd Entry RAF Halton
Newsletter 3

Phil Gardiner gets in touch

An E mail arrived out of the blue last week (most of them do, I hear you say) from Phil Gardiner, who had stimbled on the site.
Phil left the mob in '91 following a tour on Hercs.  He now works for a German furniture company that was relocating to his area at the time.  Phil has been their Factory Manager since then, doing a bit of Industrial Zone management on the side!
Having recently given up rugby, he stays in shape playing 5-a-side and squash (that's more than some of us did when we were together in Buck's).  He is married with a young daughter and admits to having dabbled with a number of cars from a TR4 and TR7 to a Royale sports 2000.
Iain Higgins nearly volunteers to arrange a get-together
Iain let it slip that he may be interested in organising the next do.  If you want to join in, let us know.  We didn't get too much of a response from our last communication - we can't be that old yet!  Drop us a line with ideas or just to register interest.
Have you moved ?
Now that we've done our time...... it's likely some of us may be moving.  Don't forget to let us know your new contact details.

Update personal details