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132nd Entry RAF Halton
Members List

We hope to use this page to keep members updated on who is in contact.

It depends on you keeping us informed.

We keep a list of contact addresses, phone numbers and E mails, so if you have anything you want passed on - let us know.

Full graduating members List

Almond Martin
Aughton Paul
Blight Chris
Bray Mark
Butler Steve
Callaghan John
Carr John
Charlton Ken
Coffin Andy
Cowie Andy
Culross Iain
Duddy Mike
Duvall Paul
Ellis Colin
Elson Steve
Evans Bryan
Eynon Pete
Farnell Graham
Feltham Mark
Forrester Andy
Foster Russell
Fox Kevin
Garbutt Bruce
Gardiner Phillip
Gibson Rob
Gingell Al
Goodall Jonny
Grinstead Pete
Harris Don
Harris Andy
Harrold Dave
Hartman Paul
Hayward Mark
Heron Steve
Higgins Iain
Higham Steve
Hoad Andy
Holmes Jim
Hooper Rick
Hopkins Steve

Howard Gary
Jacklin Mark
Johnson Steve
Lamb Gary
Larkin Rab
Lematayer Guy
Lewis Dave
Macmillan Al
Martin George
Matthews Martin
McAlpine Ken
McWilliams Larry
Moore Kev
Mossom Paul
Parkinson Phil
Paterson Andy
Patterson Kelvin
Peacock Neil
Pearce Gary
Pool Tony
Ramzan Bill
Redding Carl
Reeve Al
Richards Ian
Richards Ralph
Simmons Bob
Spinney Pete
Stone Robert
Straiton John
Swatton Adrian
Tracey Willy
Tunstall Ian
Turner Mick
Wain Mike
Williams Dave
Williamson Neil
Wilson Max
Wiltshire Neil
Wood Ian
Wright Andy

The missing men!

In this column we list those old colleagues we have lost contact with.

Cowie Andy
Feltham Mark
Higham Steve
Howard Gary
Lematayer Guy
Moore Kev
Richards Ian
Williams Dave


Non Graduating members in contact

Dick Atkinson
Andy Gaw
Kev Rushby

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow entry members.