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132nd Entry RAF Halton
Reunion FAQ's

These are the frequently asked questions about the Entry's 20th Anniversary Reunion. (6/7 October 2001)

There are only a few days to go to the reunion, can I still join in?

Yes - Just give Bob a call to get the details. Link on Making Contact page.

Where are the joining instructions ??

The Access Conference Connections letter text now included on the events page. This is being posted to your last known addresses 2/3 October.

How many wives are now coming?

We are now expecting around 12 of our better halves to join us

How many are coming in Dinner Jackets?

Quite a few have said they will be making the effort, it would give the Casino atmosphere if we all made a bit of an effort.

Is the interest holding up?

Yes, and a few more are now committing. Trust Swatty to double book with a hol to Egypt. His room (deposit paid) is up for grabs.

Did the Casino idea materialise ?

Yes it is looking good. We have put down a deposit, and are in the process of confirming that sufficient people are interested, in order to keep the cost down.

What are the latest developments?

The Karting and Clay shooting has worked out far too expensive, so we are looking at other options at the moment, perhaps renting some casino equipment.

Might be a laugh, and easier to socialise. Will keep you informed.

Can I have more information on the hotel.

I have missed the response date by a mile - can I still join in?

Of course you can, although we have now confirmed numbers with the hotel, you can still book yourself in, direct. If you need help with this, let us know.

We can still add to the numbers for the meal and other stuff - just drop us a line as soon as you have made your mind up.

I can't attend this time but want to stay in touch, what should I do?

Please let us know you can't come. At least we will know you heard about the do, and want to stay in touch.

Can you clarify what the room rates are, and what is included?

A Single is 55 per night.
A Double, with double occupancy is 80 per night.

These prices are B&B and include use of all the usual facilities - Sunbed and hair do extra no doubt!!

The function room hire, and meal are extra, as are any activities. All dependant on numbers - this can be finalised nearer the date.

How many are coming?

As of 28 May, 39 of the guys have booked, with a couple more intending to confirm a bit nearer the date. Child minders permitting or something ! There are still a few more coming out of the woodwork each week, so over half of us will be there.

How many partners have shown an interest?

A dozen of the guys have said that their other halves will be attending, a few more have said it is a possibility.

What's the plan? What are we doing?

We haven't planned anything formal. Feeling that it is better to meet up at the Hotel, during Saturday. If numbers permit, book a private room (with bar) for an extended social before a slap up meal. We can obviously take advantage of the leisure facilities over the two days. Good gym and pool (and bar - of course)

We intend to investigate the local area for pubs etc. for lunches, but again this is low key at the moment.

If you have any ideas, let us know. The conference company can research anything forthcoming. The only suggestion to date is a bit of clay pigeon shooting, and Karting. This is being chased up by the conference company.

Where exactly is the Hotel?

The Hotel is situated a short distance to the South East of the M69, on the A5(T). Try the link below.

Hanover International - Hinkley

Who are Access Conference Connections?

They are an independent event organising company we stumbled upon one day. They have proved very helpful.

For more information see the Links Page.

Any other questions? - Drop us a line.